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Text Input

"The Seine is a 777-kilometer longriver and an important commercial waterway within the Paris Basin in the north of France."

Extracted Keywords

LOC Seine
LOC The Paris Basin
LOC France

Text Input

"Palm Springs is a delightfully romantic flight-of-fancy with enough salt to avoiding becoming too saccharine and a story that proves there's room for more than one flavour of the Groundhog Day premise."

Predicted Sentiment

Positive 99.2 %

Text Input

"Some of the jazz musicians who were members of Ellington's orchestra, such as saxophonist Johnny Hodges, are considered among the best players in the idiom.."

Extracted Entities

Person Ellington
Person Johnny Hodges

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Entity Extraction

Extract and categorize named entities from text.

Language Detection

Detect the primary language of a text.

Sentiment Analyzer

Calculate the positive and negative sentiment of a text.

Keyword Extraction

Extract the primary keywords from a text.

Receipt Parser

Parse the purchase total and date/time from a receipt.

Question Answerer

Automatically answer questions from an unstructured text source.

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